30 Years of Marriage


Premarital Counseling

Ready to tie the knot? Our pre-marital counseling will help you decide if you are really ready for marriage and how to give prayerful consideration to your choice for a life partner.

Marriage Camp

This session is provided to bring abundant enrichment resources to couples who are focused on spiritual growth and personal development in marriage.

90 Day Restoration

The 90-Day Restoration Program is designed to help resolve marital conflict and reduce the divorce rate.

Financial Wellness

Disagreements about finances and common mistakes couples make when dealing with money are a leading cause of conflict in marriage.

Family Counseling

Our Family Counseling services are designed to teach life skills that help strengthen children, parents, and families as they work to overcome emotional trauma, depression, grief, and daily challenges affecting their lives.

Professional Speaking Services

Founder of Marriage Heaven Ministries, speaker, marriage mentor, and author of the book Marriage Heaven, Frederica Browne, is available for presentation at your next gathering to articulate methods with biblically-based strategies that will help maximize marriage and family relationships.

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Marriage Heaven brings a fresh and thought-provoking look at the power of Christ-centered love and commitment.
Frederica is available for Book Club Presentations, Book Signings and Speaking Engagements.


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Our marriage had been through some tough times. But thanks for Frederica, we were able to save the many years of time, effort, and love we built together.
Edwin C.