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Respectful Communication – Part 3

Continuing our conversation on Respectful Communication…. 7 steps to enhance respectful communication   Model the behavior you wish your partner to emulate. Do not justify your bad communication or behavior because of your partners.   When you forget to communicate in a manner that reflects your respect and love for your partner catch yourself in […]

Respectful Communication – Part 1

I have witnessed couples at restaurants talking so disrespectfully to each other, to the point that I got embarrassed. With raised voices in angry tone, they draw attention to themselves and disturb other people in the restaurant.   One of the fastest ways to destroy a relationship is by taking the other person for granted […]

10 Ways to Empower Your Partner

Acknowledge their good deeds. Get into the habit of acknowledging your partner every day for at least 3 things that he or she has done right. Something as routine as waking up healthy so that you do not have to spend your day in the hospital.   Practice empathy and understanding. Manage your interpretations aggressively. […]

Keeping the Peace

Conflict is a normal part of a relationship. After all, two people cannot expect to agree on everything all the time. Learning how to deal with conflict rather than avoiding it is crucial. Here are 6 ways a couple can deal with conflict. 1. Beware of danger zones. These are the sensitive issues which create […]