Premarital Service


Ready to tie the knot? Our pre-marital counseling will help you decide if you are really ready for marriage and how to give prayerful consideration to your choice for a life partner. Each personally customized session provides an understanding into God’s design for the husband and wife, while integrating biblical principles for Christian living. Through a methodical process, we offer relationship tools for engaged couples who are seeking God’s will and looking for ways to successfully transition from courtship into a long-standing and harmonious marriage.

Topics include:

  • Preparing for marriage
  • Keeping God and strong faith in your marriage
  • Understanding the marriage vows (Forever, in sickness and in health)
  • Growing your own family or merging two families
  • Sustaining healthy relationships with parents and siblings


Marriage Life Camp


This session is provided to bring abundant enrichment resources to couples who are focused on spiritual growth and personal development in marriage. As a signature program, it will hold you accountable to being the best spouse and parent you can possibly be. The premise of Marriage Life Camp is adopted from Genesis 2:24- A man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife and they become one flesh.” Mentoring will be provided with real life marriage application related to different topics presented via monthly teleconference and spotlight calls.

Topics include:

  • Developing greater self-growth
  • Embracing empowerment and self-esteem
  • Maintaining a work/life balance
  • Stepping away from the status quo and mediocre marriage
  • Having a healthy Christian relationship

Marriage Life Camp / $69.00 Month


90 Day


The 90-Day Restoration Program is designed to help resolve marital conflict and reduce the divorce rate. It is tailored to help bring solutions to individuals and couples seeking methods for dealing more effectively with areas causing significant marital distress.

This biblically-based program is offered with six (6) 90-minute sessions, meeting twice a month, for three months.

Topics include:

  • Marriage in crisis, putting the pieces back together
  • Enhancing intimacy and marital sex
  • Forgiveness and love, after infidelity
  • Handling abuse and addiction in marriage
  • Maintaining respect and personal accountability

90 –Day Restoration Program / $897.00


Financial Wellness


Disagreements about finances and common mistakes couples make when dealing with money are a leading cause of conflict in marriage. This program offers expert, yet practical advice for strategic planning and success in managing marital finances and supporting career objectives. It initiates a conversation and provides solutions for ways to avoid stress and conflicts about joint and separate accounts, dividing and spending money, and getting through financial hardships.

Topics include:

  • Money management in marriage
  • Wise financial principles for family
  • Setting family-work life priorities
  • Focusing on what God has called you to do professionally
  • Maintaining marital bliss and career advancement


Financial Wellness and Career Sustainability / $150.00 hour


Family Counseling Service


Our Family Counseling services are designed to teach life skills that help strengthen children, parents, and families as they work to overcome emotional trauma, depression, grief, and daily challenges affecting their lives. We counsel individuals and families through practical guided learning techniques that create a loving family relationship. We also believe focusing directly on the totality of behaviors that influence each individual is important and an ideal design for effective family therapy.

Our services are specifically targeted to help the following groups:

  • Families in abusive relationships
  • Families going through divorce
  • Single parent families
  • Blended families
  • Families with adopted children

         Family Counseling / $150.00 hour


Freddy Profile Picture


Founder of Marriage Heaven Ministries, speaker, marriage mentor, and author of the book Marriage Heaven, Frederica Browne, is available for presentation at your next gathering to articulate methods with biblically-based strategies that will help maximize marriage and family relationships. Frederica’s demand for speaking engagements has taken her from points throughout North America to London, England. Her experience and expertise contribute to her dynamic execution and platform for being able to describe what works, while helping families grow stronger.

Frederica’s presentation is ideally suited for the following groups:

  • Marriage retreats
  • Couples’ workshops
  • Family empowerment programs
  • Women’s conferences and events
  • Faith-based organizations


For availability, fee, and booking, please email me.

Travel from Maryland.


At Marriage Heaven Ministries we are devoted to the couples’ enrichment process. The preceding programs are a general overview of our mentor/mentee sessions and services. All sessions are biblically-based and provided through face-to-face and virtual experience meetings.

We look forward to working alongside you in developing a greater impact in your life, marriage, and family. For additional information, email: