10 Ways to Empower Your Partner

By fbrowne

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  1. Acknowledge their good deeds. Get into the habit of acknowledging your partner every day for at least 3 things that he or she has done right. Something as routine as waking up healthy so that you do not have to spend your day in the hospital.


  1. Practice empathy and understanding. Manage your interpretations aggressively.  Give the other person the benefit of the doubt. Try to ask yourself, what must they be thinking to act as they do?


  1. Do not be such a stick in the mud. Fall in love with the idiosyncrasies that make the person unique and different from you. Live and laugh at mistakes Enjoy your partner.


  1. Give up your right to require your partner to think like you. We are from different background with different life experiences. Let your spouse be.


  1. Always act from love and compassion. That was why you decided to get married in the first place so it should not be difficult to do. Show love and compassion.


  1. Make powerfully effective requests that your partner will want to grant and act upon.


  1. Be easy going. Forgo your need to control their every move. Stop trying to control everything. You really can’t. You are not God. So stop wasting time and just enjoy the moment by being easy going and pliable.


  1. Trust them and be trustworthy yourself. Model the behavior you wish to see in your partner. Lead by example. Trust and you will be trusted.


  1. In the moment you catch yourself judging them harshly, suspend judgment and look for reasons that might justify or explain their behavior.


  1. Create the room for your partner to make mistakes, learn from them, and grow more fully into the relationship. Doing so will create an emotional bank account for them to do likewise with you. Remember, you make mistakes too.

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