Respectful Communication – Part 1

By fbrowne

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I have witnessed couples at restaurants talking so disrespectfully to each other, to the point that I got embarrassed. With raised voices in angry tone, they draw attention to themselves and disturb other people in the restaurant.


One of the fastest ways to destroy a relationship is by taking the other person for granted and failing to communicate with love and respect at all times. After the newness of a relationship wears off, partners often tend to forget that it is critically important to speak with a partner with the same respect that you would give to a stranger who you admire and wish to build a relationship.


Sometimes we are more respectful to strangers at the grocery store than to our partners. We are more respectful to our bosses than to our partners. If we can maintain our composure at work and not be rude to our bosses because we will get fired, why can’t we maintain that same kind of composure to our partner?


This dishonor and disrespect for the other person soon fester into a relationship killer. When a couple takes time out to go out to dinner and they then lose their cool, is it because of something that happened at the restaurant or is it something else?

When one partner loses patience, is in a bad mood, or angry with the other partner or disturbed because of any other situation, and they allow their mood to negatively influence the manner in which they communicate, they run the risk of setting a precedence for disrespectful communication.


Does any of this ring true for you and your past/present relationships? Next Friday stay tuned as we talk more about Respectful Communication.

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